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Boxwire is an online suggestion box for service based businesses; it allows feedback to be submitted by any employee or any customer at any time... anonymously.

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For Your Business

For Businesses

Every business needs feedback to grow effectively. Get immediate customer responses that provide actionable data! View our FAQ's

For Employees

For Employees

Get private feedback from your employees. Employers can use Boxwire to retain one of their most valuable assets.... their employees!

Schools and Colleges


Start collecting anonymous feedback from students and parents. Boxwire gives you a priceless tool for priceless people.

Local Restaurants


We all love eating out, but there is nothing worse than poor service. Patrons will see the Boxwire logo
at their table and know you care.

Hospitals and Clinics


Your patients can offer you priceless feedback about your practice. Patients want quality care and that starts with quality service.

Daycare Providers

Daycare Providers

Daycares understand the importance of receiving valuable feedback from parents; vital to the growth of your business.