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What is Boxwire?

Boxwire is a customer feedback system for service based businesses; it allows feedback to be submitted by any customer via or any mobile device. Boxwire collects this information then sends it via e-mail or text directly to the proprietor of the business... instantaneously and anonymously.

Through Boxwire's extensive dashboard, business owners can use customer's comments to help grow their business and manage trends effectively. This information can also be used to act upon any feedback before negative opinions are expressed on the web, where they are virtually impossible to be removed.

Today's the day to start listening to the people that count... your customers! Create measurable value from our Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC) program.

Our Team

rob [@]

Rob Thomas, {Founder & CEO}

An avid entrepreneur and technological visionary, Rob determined long ago that good customer service will always prevail over good technology.  Customer support is truly the only constant across all aspects of business, no matter the industry.  Rob began his I.T. consulting career over 14 years ago and now serves as the President and CEO of Onkew Technology, our parent company.

Rob has experience architecting, managing and implementing technology solutions for many public and private companies.  In addition, he has been responsible for developing systems in the areas of e-commerce, micro-payments, online privacy, cloud implementation and management. 

Rob holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resources from the University of Nebraska and is also a 7-time Track and Field All-American. To this day, he still holds the Long Jump and Triple Jump records at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

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Aaron Davis, {COO}

Author & speaker Aaron Davis has spoken to over a million people across the US and abroad as a Peak Performance expert. His desire to equip organizations and individuals with the tools to improve performance, create championship teams and hone their leadership skills is why he has been in such high demand.

As a successful businessman and entrepreneur Aaron brings a vast amount of experience and insight in regards to customer satisfaction. He recently wrote a book on the subject of customer service which further galvanizes his expertise in this area.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Nebraska and he was also a member of the 1994 National Championship Football team!